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Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP): TVET System Review, Ethiopia

Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP): TVET System Review, Ethiopia






July 2016 – March 2018


Pinto Consulting GmbH

Project Description

Pinto Consulting provided four packages of services to sequa on this assignment:

Firstly, critical analysis of the existing Industrial Extension Services (IES) framework against international best practice and propose an improved model based on MSME demand and international benchmarks. The focus was on:

  • Analysis of the existing industrial extension services framework in line with international best practice and selected sectors value chain analysis conducted by sector institutions, The Federal TVET agency (FTA) and other actors;
  • Analysis of the Industrial extension service delivery mechanism in terms of value chain mapping, Identification of constraints in the value chain, acquiring possible technological solution, selecting the best technology, Blueprinting the selected technology, Prototyping, Testing and transferring the technology to MSMEs;
  • Critical analysis of the impact of the industry extension services on the growth of MSMEs so far and identifying the gaps and propose remedial solutions.

Secondly, reform the IES framework in line with the review and recommendations previously prepared by Pinto Consulting and design a project concept for the extension of the STEP project, with a focus on the following elements:

  • Reform of the overall Technical Vocational Educational Training system in Ethiopia including policy and funding.
  • Reform of the Industrial Extension Services system, with a greater focus on demand orientation and private sector engagement.
  • Reform or the value chain analysis / Manual for the MSME sector
  • Improvement in technology transfer for the MSME sector

Thirdly, drafted, tested and developed four different (Excel-based) business diagnostics tools for industrial enterprises/SMEs:

  • Basic business diagnostics for start-ups;
  • Intermediate business diagnostics for established micro and small enterprises;
  • Advanced business diagnostics for SMEs with rapid growth / import substitution potential;
  • Advanced business diagnostics for SMEs with export potential.

Services Provided

  • Detailed report with recommendations for reforming the Ethiopian Industrial Extension Services system
  • Presentation of recommendations to key national policy makers
  • Demand oriented reforms of the IES system, with a focus on private sector engagement
  • Preparation of excel sheet-based small business diagnostic tool focusing on i) start-ups, growth-oriented and export-oriented firms
  • Preparation of project concept for the Ethiopian IES / Business Development Services system