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Revision of the Industrial policy 2009-2020

Revision of the Industrial policy 2009-2020


Ministry of Economy,EU Delegation Macedonia




May 2017 – June 2018


Pinto Consulting GmbH

Project Description

 (EuropeAid FWC Lot 10 2017/384799/1)

The overall objective is to strengthen the strategic framework and the institutional capacity for industry development in the country.


Component 1 to assist Ministry of Economy to revise the Industrial policy 2009-2016:

  • Compile an assessment report (including monitoring and evaluation) on the implementation of the Industrial policy 2009-2016. It is required to analyse the current state of affairs (statistics, facts and figures, barriers, factors of success, perception, etc.), make an impact assessment, compile list of lessons learned in the implementation of the 2009-2016, and identify key challenges to be addressed in the revised policy document.
  • Stimulate/organise a debate on issues related to industrial policy and economic reforms and build a consensus on list of issues for the new revised industrial policy.
  • Draft a revised Industrial Policy Document 2017-2020 and related Action Plan for at least two years. The new document will address issues such as horizontal vs vertical approach in the policy document, target existing and emerging areas of potential, identify and prepare sector specific action plans based on smart specialization and legislation for targeted industrial sectors and subsectors, etc.;
  • Publish and promote the revised and adopted Industrial policy document, including Action Plan. The documents shall be presented at one press/promotional public event (100 participants).


Component 2 to set up Industrial policy Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mechanism:

  • Define an organisation for the M&E function (for IP) and devise a methodology for operation of the assigned M&E staff.
  • Train the assigned M&E staff to execute the M&E function.


Component 3 to upgrade the web portal

  • Upgrade and update the web portal as an interactive platform for business sector information.


Component 4 to strengthen the cluster policy and operation of clusters:

  • Evaluation of the national cluster policy and programme using the European Cluster Observatory methodology.
  • Organise a three-day seminar/training for the clusters on topic “EU Programs for cluster support – how to apply ";
  • Provide on-the-job assistance to 3 clusters.

Services Provided

  • Assessment of the implementation of the Industrial policy 2009-2016
  • Report on business sector opinion on the current Industrial policy document and needed economic reforms
  • Revised Industrial Policy document and two-year Action Plan
  • Organise a press/promotional event
  • Concept note on M&E setup and M&E Manual
  • MoE staff trained to conduct systematic M&E
  • Upgrade and update of the web portal
  • Assessment report on national cluster policy and programmes
  • Evaluation of clusters operating in the country
  • 20 cluster participants trained about “EU Programs for cluster support – how to apply ";
  • Prepare three strategies/proposals/plans for specific cluster development