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FORBIZ - Creating a Better Business Environment in Ukraine, EC

FORBIZ - Creating a Better Business Environment in Ukraine, EC


EU Delegation Ukraine




March 2016 – July 2019


Pinto Consulting GmbH

Project Description

The consortium for this project was led by GFA and included GIZ International and Berlin Economics. The Pinto Consulting role was as a sub-contractor specifically in relation to two elements:

  • Proposal writing;
  • Provision of SME expert to coordinate one (SME development) of the three components of the project.

The FORBIZ project supports Ukraine’s reform agenda and its economic recovery by proposing a systemic, smart change to a more business-friendly environment with a particular focus on SMEs. The project seeks to steer a shift in policy towards greater recognition of SMEs and the vital role they play in economic recovery, while addressing the challenge of reducing regulatory burden and lessening risk for businesses.

The project has three main components:

  • Business-friendly Regulations supporting Ukrainian authorities at all relevant levels aiming to achieve better regulatory policies within priority sectors.
  • Policy Support to SMEs strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian national, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders to implement effective economic development policies with a specific focus on SMEs.
  • Dialogue with SME Community improving access to information for Ukrainian SMEs and consultations with the business community on regulatory improvements.

Pinto Consulting provided the medium-term senior SME expertise to coordinate the SME component, including the following:

  • Preparation of the SME Development Strategy (October 2016 – June 2017);
  • Preparation of the SME Action Plan Strategy (January to September 2017);
  • Establish of the SME Development Office / agency (feasibility, establishment, recruitment, capacity building, etc.).
  • Strengthen Public Private Dialogue and Inter Ministerial Coordination (national, regional and local levels).
  • Strengthen regional / city / local SME development / strategies and action plans, including implementation support.
  • Use the Self-Regulation Organisations law/voluntarily raise business standards.
  • Help SMEs to access EU programmes such as COSME/Enterprise Europe Network/Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs / Horizon2020, etc.

The implementation period runs from Oct 2017 to July 2019.

Services Provided

  • Wrote the winning proposal
  • Reviewed the draft SME Strategy
  • Drafted entirely new, approved SME strategy
  • Drafted the entirely new SME Action Plan
  • Formulated institutional basis for SME Agency/Office
  • Recruited and capacity building for agency staff
  • Drafted initial concept for Public Private Dialogue
  • Drafted initial concept for Inter-Ministerial Coordination
  • Coordinated SME strategy/action plan pilot project at regional (Chernihiv oblast) and city (Chernihiv and Nizhyn) city level
  • Coordinated strategizing, capacity building and implementation support in the regional/local pilot
  • Coordinated awareness raising activities for SMEs in 7+ locations in relation to EEN, COSME, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Horizon2020
  • Coordinated support to raise business standards in 2 institutions wishing to become self-regulation organisations